Middle school science in the Young Scholar Program (YSP) at Legend College Preparatory (LCP) is divided into Aspire Science for 6th and 7th grades, and Pre-AP Science for 8th grade and above.

Aspire Science follows the same strategies of ACT Aspire Science Tests. Classes for 6th and 7th grades use ACT Aspire assessments to guide classroom instruction, identify target performance, and track learning progress. Aspire Science instruction focuses on interpretation of data, scientific investigation, and evaluation of models, inference, and experimental results. Students have access to a standardized tracking system that monitors their academic growth over time. Assessments align with ACT tests.

Pre-AP strategies are the guiding principles for 8th grade science students. YSP has adopted the Pre-AP curriculum and teaching and learning materials provided by the College Board to enrich our existing contents. All Pre-AP contents are available 24/7 to any student who has an official log in. That kind of access enables students more frequent practice for achieving excellence. Assessments for Pre-AP classes are standardized to align with all AP and advanced-level learning.

Aspire and Pre-AP Sciences are highly specialized. Courses are not offered as integrated sciences. Instead, they are categorized as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, the same way students experience science learning in high school and beyond. All Pre-AP courses are authorized by the College Board and approved by U.C. Students earn a transcript with formal credits upon completion.

Follow the link below for science subject pathways at LCP.

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